Monday, October 7, 2019

Wrapping things up

After Nashville, it was time for relaxing and visiting good people. We spent a couple of days in Greenville, SC with my uncle and aunt. They live a low key lifestyle, maybe due to their surroundings which are rampant Trump supporters that are vocal. But, we hung and drank and ate delicious food(thanks Carol!) while Karen did a bike ride into town and back. I sat on the porch and read.
Off to Raleigh to visit our former library colleague and her husband.  Spent some time with my Maddie; attended a gay pride parade-basically slowed down our pace.  Our last leg was to the outer banks of NC, where we spent a glorious week beachng it, hanging at the pool, hot tub, games, great food, and the company of my family and some of my favorite friends.  It was a great way to end an epic road trip.
Things I've learned in my travels:
This is a beautiful country with many miles of empty vastness-flat farm land and large ranches.We drove through high plains, mountains, beautiful lakes, deserts, oil fields, valleys, all unique and breath taking.  Favorite spots were Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, Glacier Nat'l Park, Yellowstone, and Crater Lake.

There is a world of talented musicians.

6 hours of driving a day is my max.

We stayed with many kind folks who gave us a warm bed and meals.Thanks to Lori in Pontiac Michigan, Cheryl and Calvin in Great Falls, Montana, Cathy in Portland Oregon, Dave in Steamboat Springs, CO, Marji in Dallas TX, Bob and Carol in Greenville SC, and Nancy and Mike in Cary, NC.

Best quirky pit stops: Meow Wolf Museum in Sante Fe, Mermaid Bar in Great Falls, MT, and Roswell, NM

Best beauty: Yellowstone National Park and Mackinac Island MI

Best music: Memphis

Best view: Columbia River Gorge

Best historical moment: Meeting an 85 year old Native American on our way to see 5 peaks where he shared his knowledge and history of the area.

Best meal: Salt Lake City at the Mormon Office building

Best cultural experience: Gunther theater in Minneapolis MN

Friendliest city: Milwaukee WI where they have greeters in the city helping you have the best experience.

Total number of miles: 10,250
Total number of legs: 33
Total number of hours driving between legs: 144
Number of states we covered: 22
Number of capitals we stopped in or drove through:  11
Musical stops: 8

What a journey!!  Thank you, Karen, for agreeing to this epic adventure!

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